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Our experience in Management facilitates the interrelation of different entities, providing the right solution to your needs.

Turnkey Projects Management


Perception of socio-economic reality of the country or region where we carry out our projects, expansion and obtain advantages for our customers.



Construction and /or adaptation of installation, placement and commissioning of equipment and training in the use of equipment and /or in your specific application.




Study of technical and economic feasibility. Identification of the optimal technology solution, design of facilities and the study of logistics solutions


Periodic supply of consumables, reagents, training and expertise, assistance in obtaining accreditations and certifications.

Cases of Success/Awards


Framework Agreement on cooperation for development and execution of projects I + D + i in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy, through the integration of EOLI FPS.
Testing and integration of new technology EOLI FPS in terraced buildings/rooftops of City Halls. This project consists of the installation of prototype wind turbines EOLI FPS on rooftops as a pilot project to measure the results of the prototype and demonstrate its practical efficiency.


The "EOLI FPS Project - Development of a new mini-turbine vertical axis wind" - was awarded by the technical committee reviewer II Congress of Distributed Generation - GENEDIS 2013 where Sergio Pedrosa (Managing Director) explained the project to the participants.